In addition to the sale of traditional vine plants and rootstocks, our company offers solutions adapted to your needs.

Since 4 generations a tradition of quality








GPS guides mechanical planting of vines. Progression = 2ha (= 5 acres) / day.

Hot water treatment

Approved method to fight against Flavescence Dorée.


Method approved in organic farming to reduce chemical treatments.

Mass selections

Keep the characteristics of your vineyards that guarantee the complexity of your wines.

Soil analysis

Determination of the soil composition to define the rootstocks and fertilization.

Rootstocks ready to graft

From 26 to 90cm, blendet and disinfected: order before January.

Our team is at your disposal to assist you in your planting projects or for replacement vines, we invite you to :

  • fill out the form alongside

  • contact us by phone at 0033 475 37 71 03.​

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