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The combination VINTEC® and mycorrhization, allows you to opt for our highest quality standard.

In order to ensure an excellent development of the vines and a better capacity to resist the attacks of the fungi responsible for wood diseases we can apply these 2 products :


Normal root

mycorrhized root

Since 2009 our entire nursery is mycorrhized. Mycorrhization is kept for the entire life of the vine.

To avoid the use of chemicals, we are interested in an alternative method and APPROVED IN ORGANIC AGRICULTURE. Mycorrhization is a SYMBIOSIS : The plant feeds the mushrooms, and in exchange, the mushrooms feed the plant.

Our plants are mycorrhized directly at the nursery to have a better success rate.

Mycorrhization has many advantages:

  • improvement of the volume of soil explored by the roots

  • better recovery at planting

  • significantly improved drought resistance

  • improved resistance to certain diseases, such as root rot

  • improvement of the mineral absorption:
    Phosphorus and trace elements (zinc, iron, copper, magnesia, potash, manganese, ...).



This product based on Trichoderma can be applied at the production stage to reduce the fungus populations responsible for wood diseases. Since 2018, on request, we are able to inoculate our vines.

3 applications in the nursery :

1 - Hydration before grafting / 2 - Stratification / 3 - Rooting


One annual application in the vineyard, after pruning