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ENTAV exploits the natural diversity of grape varieties, selects and studies the best strains and distributes them through pre-breeding establishments.

This grape discovered in the south of the Ardèche in the 1970s, from a natural cross between black Grenache and Aubun.

Couston is a vigorous grape, with good fertility, erect habit, well adapted to the short size. It is not too susceptible to downy mildew and is not very susceptible to gray mold. The clusters of Couston are of medium size and compactness. The berries are also average. The potential for accumulation of sugars is very high. The Couston makes it possible to elaborate full-bodied, tannic wines, very warm and very colorful.

New clones, very little susceptible to wasting for your exceptional wines.

The new Tain l'Hermitage clones that are not very productive (small clusters with small berries) are more likely to produce prestigious wines (higher potential degree), especially in the northern Côtes du Rhône wines. In tasting, these three new clones were regularly preferred to wines from clone 174 (identical parcel).

This vine is from a spontaneous cross between Grenache Noir and Jurançon Noir in Ardèche in the 1980s.

Brunel's Plant is less productive than Grenache Noir. It is very fertile, but its clusters are small and quite loose. It is not very sensitive to gray mold, powdery mildew and downy mildew and adapted to drought. The Brunel Plant leads to the production of a wine more colorful and more tannic than the wine of Grenache Noir. The degree and acidity at maturity are comparable to those of Grenache.

The new clone of Grenache with berries and loose bunches.

Clone 1212 has the distinction of having compact clusters and small berries. It is thus less susceptible to rot and makes it possible to produce more colorful wines than other clones. Its level of production is not very high but relatively regular whatever the vintage. It is also a bit later than the other clones.

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