Since 4 generations a tradition of quality







With four generations of nurserymen, our family has gathered a unique know-how that we put at the service of our vines and rootstocks We control the entire manufacturing process. We have our own buds, rootstocks and graft all the vines on site.


​Our dynamism allows us to be present in the biggest French and foreign wine appellations, such as :

  • French wine appellations : Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy, Rhône Valley, Bordeaux region, etc.

  • Foreign wine appellations : Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, etc.



Our material is stored in a refrigerated room to guarantee optimum frechness. Every year, our entire production is controlled by FRANCE-AGRIMER and undergoes ELISA tests to detect viruses.


> Since 2016, all our mother vines are prospected annually against Flavescence Dorée. This prospection supervised by the State services : SRAL (Regional Food Service) and FREDON (Regional Federation of Defense against Harmful Organisms).

Wide choice of varieties of traditional grafted or high-grafted mycorrhized vines.

Our fields of rootstocks are extended over 55 ha, on the hillsides of the Ardèche region and in the Rhone valley. These soils have all the characteritics to obtain wood of excellent quality (good augury, good content of reserves and good, regular diameters)

We propose to carry out your future plantations ourselves thanks to our GPS guided machine

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