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We have 55 ha (= 136 Acres) of mother vines for rootstocks and 6 ha of mother-vines in production in 3 counties.



Our rootstock fields extend over 55 ha on the slopes of the Ardèche and in the Rhone Valley.

These soils of choice for rootstocks allow us to obtain woods of excellent quality:

  • Good Cold hardening

  • Excellent reserves

  • Strong and regular diameters


This independence allows us to monitor very closely the health of our plant material so that we do not multiply dubious material regarding different diseases. The rootstock, forming the roots of the vine, will help to express the potential of your terroir and in particular the influence of the soil on the typicity, originality, richness and delicacy of a wine.


The association of the graft and rootstock goes beyond the health protection. In fact, it determines the quality of the mineral and water supply of the vine. By choosing the approriate variety, the vine will adapt to the constraints of the ground and to the objectives of production .


The analysis of soil and subsoil is an indispensable tool for the choice of the rootstock from a technical point of view but also to secure the important investment that represents a new plantation.


We go through all our graft plots at the moment when the symptoms are most visible so as not to take grafts on strains with wood diseases (on all grape varieties), Syrah dieback and jaundice.

For the other grafts, we favor a local supply and in the technical centers:

  • Vitiselection Ardèche

  • CIVC - Champagne

  • Agriculture Chamber of Aude